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Maushura 3 years ago
I will add my jizz to your mouth and you should slobber that mixed sparks to my mouth yummy
Vurisar 3 years ago
Good Morning good monday....May you all have a serene beginning to your week...
Shaktikazahn 3 years ago
That was a one or the other question. Pence was using his personal email when he wasnt supposed to. Useing a personal account was the frowned on part. Transmitting classified information is the crime part.
Akinodal 3 years ago
The thing that gets me, if any of these guys had a father this would not happen. Sometimes these guys get the mean drunk and that is all they had to go on.
Zolotaxe 3 years ago
I am a man and a loner. I am already married and have two kids. I don't go out with friends and even co-workers. My friends understand, even girl friends understands me, there are no red flags. My fiend would always ask me out whenever they would meet and in town but I always bails. My wife pushes me to go every time but I want to be alone and just with my family.

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